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St Francis Church of England School


History Leader - Miss Alcock

St Francis CE History Policy

At St Francis CE Primary, we view History as a way to inspire pupils’ curiosity about the past. History presents children with the opportunities to develop fundamental skills of enquiry and questioning; to become open minded ‘historical detectives’ and explore the past in an exciting and engaging way. Our history curriculum aims to bring history to life, in order to help pupils to understand the process of change and the diversity of societies. Through History, children learn to make comparisons and links between the past and modern times and discover how and why things have changed.

History at St Francis Primary is taught through Cornerstones; which ensures the continuity and progression of skills, whilst providing engagement for all pupils. Our children study a wide range of ancient, British and world history, learning about famous historical figures and exploring how and why they have influenced our lives today. We enable opportunities for our children to explore the past through the use of a variety of sources of information to find clues and evidence and take part in discussions with their peers. We also aim to provide first hand experiences with role play, historical visits, workshops and visiting experts playing an important part in all our topics. At the end of a unit, our children enjoy expressing what they have learnt in a variety of interesting and creative ways including; writing, art, drama and ICT.

Intent of History Curriculum 

To give opportunities to learn about and explore a range of historical periods of both British and world history (mostly KS2) as well as influential people and significant events (mostly KS1). 

Provide chances to build historical skills, ask and answer historical questions and enquiries and gain a secure understanding of chronology. 

To give chances to explore and analyse a range of sources to build an understanding of how Historical knowledge is gained and History is constructed. 

To allow children to gain a secure understanding of chronology both within and across time periods.

Implementation of History curriculum 

Children will explore a wide range of primary and secondary sources to help them increase their understanding of the past. 

Children will learn to make comparisons across different time periods and points of view. 

Children will develop a range of historical skills and techniques such as source analysis. 

Children will learn to sequence events both within and across time periods. 

Children will increase their historical vocabulary.

Impact of History Curriculum 

Children have a chronological understanding of British history, alongside some periods of world history. 

Children are able to interpret and analyse a broad range of pictorial and written primary and secondary sources to conduct enquiries into the past as well as recognise limitations and bias. 

Children are confident to ask historically valid questions about the past to further their historical knowledge and understanding. 

Children are able to talk about aspects of the past with a broad historical vocabulary. 

Children are able to make comparisons both within and across periods of history, including considering the significant of events and key influential figures.

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