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St Francis Church of England School


Effective two-way communication between school and families is a key function to the successful running of our school.  Below, we summerise the ways in which we communicate important information to our families, and how we ask families to communicate important information back to us.

School to Parent Communications

Key Dates, Term Dates & School News Child Wellbeing & Progress Curriculum Extra-Curricular / Clubs and School Trips Policies & Procedures
  • Live calendar on school website (quick link from homepage
  • Fortnighly bulletin (via ParentPay
  • Social media - info re recent & forthcoming events
  • Text alerts - for emergency alerts only
  • School reports
  • Parents evenings
  • Phone calls or face-to-face meetings
  • Tapestry (Early Years)
  • Curriculum pages on website
  • Parents evenings
  • Parent workshops
  • Tapestry (Early Years
  • Emails (school trips)
  • Residential trip meetings where required
  • Clubs/Activities website page
  • Website
  • Emails (ParentPay)
  • Fortnightly bulletin


Additional Information:

Emails:  Our school's chosen method of communication is via the school management information system (Integris).  Parents and carers should make the school aware if they are not receiving school emails or stop receiving them.

Tapestry: Tapestry is an online learning journal which we use to communicate with families of children in early years.

Website translation: Our website has a 'translate' button on the homepage which may be usual for families where English is not the first language.

Social MediaOur Facebook web address is:

 Parent To School Communications

Reason for communciation Method of communication Considerations
To make an appointment to see a specific staff member (usually class teacher)

Direct email to staff member.


Call to school office

01865 468190

Please be aware staff may not be immediately available, and an appointment may need to be arranged at a mutually convenient time


To discuss your child's learning

Email to class teacher (with possibility of a follow-up call or meeting if required)


Parents Evening (twice a year)



To inform us about a late collection or change to collection arrangements

Email class teacher or call the school office before 2.45pm

Where possible, please communicate to your child any changes regarding who might be picking them up before they come to school.


If you suspect in advance, you may have difficulty collecting your child on time, please book them in to our after-school club


To inform us about important circumstances relating to your child (change of contact details, update medical information, consent to administer medicine)

Completed form (available from foyer outside school office)

Important information regarding your child must be communicated in writing to the school.  Failure to communicate important information regarding your child’s health could pose a risk to your child’s health

To inform us about a medical appointment for your child during the school day.


Request for unauthorised absence (holidays taken outside of the school holidays)

Completed form and/or email to our Home School Link Worker

All requests for unauthorised leave, however short, must be made in writing to our Home School Link Worker for them to be authorised



Email class teacher


Phone school office

Where possible, complaints should be communicated in writing directly to your class teacher (not via the school office).  Complaints of an urgent nature (e.g. safeguarding) should be communicated as soon as possible to a designated safeguarding lead

To dicuss a safeguarding matter or personal matter relating to you child/family

Face-to-face meeting or call with any DSL (safeguarding matters)


Face-to-face meeing or call with Home-School Link Worker (personal family matters)

Please be aware our Home School Link Worker does not work on a Friday.

Please click here for teacher/class email addreses.